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Monday, August 10, 2009


Kuakata is one of the rarest places which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a calm environment.That perhaps makes kuakata one of the world's unique beaches.Kuakata is truly a virgin beach-a sanctuary for migratory winter birds, a series of coconut trees,sandy beach of blue bay,a feast for the eye.Forest,boats plying in the Bay of Bengal with colourful sails,fishing,towering cliffs,surfing waves everything here touches every visitors heart.Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities.Innumerable devotees arrive here at the festival of Rush Purnima and Magi Purnima.On these two days they take holy bath and traditional fairs are held here.


It is locally known as Sagar Kannya is a rare science beauty spot on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh.Kuakata in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district is about 30km in length and 6km in breadth .It is 70km fromPatuakhali district headquarters and 320km fromDhaka.At Kuakata excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty,sandy beach,blue sky,huge expanse of water of the Bay and evergreen forest in really eye-catching.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


It is about 32km south of Cox's Bazar along the beach,a nice place for picnic and shooting.The famous BROKEN HILLS and waterfalls here are rare sights.

It is about 32km south of Cox's Bazar and just on the beach,with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east.Inani casts a magic spell on thouse who step into that dreamland.It is only half an hour's drive from Cox's Bazar and an ideal place for Sea bathing and picnic.

An island off the coast of Cox's Bazar.It has an area of 268 square km.Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills,300 feet high but the coast to thewest and north is a lowlying treat,fringed by mangrove jungle.In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath,dedicated to siva.

This is a typical Buddhist village,about 16km from Cox's Bazar,on the main road to chittagong .There are monasteries,khyans and pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold,bronze and other precious metal.

Sonadia Island:
It is about seven km of Cox's Bazar and about nine square km in area.The western side of the island is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach.Off the northern part of the island,there are beds of window pane oysters.

Southernmost tip of Bangladesh.Teknaf situated on the Naff river and just at the end of the hilly region of the district.Mayanmar is on the opposite bank of Naaf river.Wild animals and birds are aviable but the most interesting thing is a journey on the river.Wide sandy beach in the backdrop of high hills with green forest is an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.


Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs,surfing waves,rare conch shells,colorful pagodas,Buddhist temples and tribes,delightful sea-food-this is Cox's Bazar,the tourist capital of Bangladesh.Having the world's longest beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay Bangal, Cox's Bazar is one of the attracting tourist spot in the country.
Located at a distance of 152km south of Chittagong,the leading seaport of Bangladesh,Cox's Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong.


Tomb Of Sultan Bayazid Bostami:
Situated on a hillock at Nasirabad about 6km to the north-west of Chittagong town,this shrine attract a large number of visitors and pilgrims.At its base is large tank with several hundred tortoises.Tradition has iy that these animals are the descendants of the evil spirits who were cast into this shape becasue they incured the warth of the great saint who visited the place about 1100 years age.

World War II Cemetery:
In a well-preserved cemetery at a quiet and picture sque place within the city lie buried in eternal peace over 700 soldier from British,Australia,Canada,New Zealand,India,Myanmar,East and West Africa.

Shrine of Shah Amanat:
The Shrine of Shah Amanant is another place of religious attraction,located in the heart of the town,the shrine is visited by hundreds of people everyday who pay homage to the memory of the saint.

Foy's Lake:
Set amidst picturesque surroundings in the railway township of Pahartali 8km from Chittagong this is an ideal spot of outing and picnic througed by thousand of visitors every week.

Patenga and Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches:
Its about 22km from chittagong and is approachable by a motorable road.On the way to the beach one passes the Patenga Airpot.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Chittagong the second largest city of Bangladesh and a busy international seaport,is in ideal vacation spot.Its green hills and forests,its broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate always attract the holiday-makers.Described by the Chinese traveler poet.
Chittagong is the country's chief port and is the main site for the establishment of heavy,medium and light industries.Bangladesh's only steel mill and oil mills are here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It was built in 1678 A.D. by Prince Mohammad Azam son of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb.tThe fort was the scene of bloody battle during the first war of independence (1857) when 260 sepoys stationed here backed by the people revolted against British forces.Outstanding among the monuments of the Lelbagh are the tomb of pori Bibi (Fairy Lady), Lalbagh Mosque,Audience Hall and Hammam of Nawab Shaista Khan now housing a museum.

Located at savar 35km. from Dhaka city.The memorial designed by architect Moinul Hossein is dedicated to the sacred memory of the millions of un known martyrs of the 1971 war of liberation.

Built to commemorate the martyrs of the liberation war (1857-59) against British rule.It was here that the revolving sepoys and their civil compatiots mere publicy hanged.

The residence of the father of tha nation Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Dhanmondi Residential Area has been turned into a musuem,it contains rare cpllection of personal effects and photographs of his lifetime.

Situated at Segun Bagich a area of the city contains rare photograpgs of liberation war and items used by the freedom fighters during the period.

Centrally located the museum contains a large number of interesting collections including sculptures and paintings of the Hindu,Buddhist and Muslim periods.

Located at Agargaon, the museum is a modern learning Centre related to the latest scientific discoveries.

On the bank of the river Buriganga in Dhaka the pink majestic Ahsan Manzil has been renovated and turned into a museum recentlyIt has 31 rooms with a huge dome atop which can be seen from miles around.It now has 23 galleries displaying portraits,furniture and household articles and utensils used by the Nawab.

Situated about 200 yards east of Bara Katra,Chota Katra Was built in 1663 A>D> by Nawab Shaista Khan.This is of simslar plan and purpose as the Bara Katra but is smaller in size.

Situated in the Shilpakala Academy Premises this has a representative collection of folk-art and painting by artist of Bangladesh.

It has collection of rare plants and flowers.

Ramna park is a vast stretch of green ground surrounded by a serpentine lake.

Called Mirpur Zoo,it is situated at Mirpur 16km NW of Dhaka,on 230acres of land.

Situated at Rajendrapur,40km due north of Dhaka,within Jovdevpur Police Station in the magnificent Bhawal region of dhaka-Trishal-Mymensingh highway,this is a vast national recreation forest,ideal for hose who love nature.


The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka with its exciting history and culture Known the world over as the city of mosques and Muslim.It has attracted travelers from far and near through ages.It has history dating back to earliest time.
Dhaka as the of Bangladesh has grown into a busy city of about seven million people with an area of about 815 sq. km.having a happy blending of old and new architectural trends,Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life.


Bangladesh is a land of uncommon natural beauty.Throughout the country there are many fascinating things to see and exciting things to do.Arriving to Dhaka your adventure can begin straight away.Whilst traveling the city of Chittagong,visitors will come across the lovely structures made by nature in his own hand.there are many more places where you will enjoy and feel the peace of nature.


Bangladesh is a land of you will get all that sides which only you dreamed on your dream.I will try my heart and soul to introduce all those places what you dreamed.